Safety is first at Tri-State Drilling

Safety First

Since 1955

Over the past ten years, in response to a greatly-increased need for foundation drilling across the nation, Tri-State Drilling has hired many new employees and purchased new, state-of-the-art drilling equipment. New personnel are brought up to speed quickly, not just in job skills, but in safety. Today, thanks to the diligence of our Safety Department and the conscientious efforts of our employees, Tri-State has a safety track record of which we are rightfully proud.

Safety results like ours require on-going commitment, vigilance and strict adherence to company safety rules. From the first agenda item at management's weekly meeting to the early morning "toolbox" meeting at job sites, Tri-State maintains a "safety first" approach. These meetings are reinforced by positive action. Our Safety Managers make site visits, audits, and train employees to work safely. Project superintendents and foremen are trained to eliminate on-the-job hazards. Employees learn OSHA rules and learn how to provide medical assistance.

Tri-State Drilling is, and always has been, a family-oriented business. After working hard in the field all week, it is a company priority that each employee return home, in good health, to enjoy free time with family and friends.


Safety and Environmental Programs:

  • OSHA 10 Hour
  • Certified SWPP Inspectors
  • E-Railsafe
  • First Aid
  • Confined Space/ Down Hole Entry
  • D.O.T Training
  • Weekly Toolbox Topics
  • Daily Job Hazard Analysis
  • Accident, Incident, Near Miss and Root Cause Investigation
  • Weekly Senior Management Review of Incidents
  • Return to Work Program
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
  • Non-DOT
  • Mandatory PPE Requirements
  • Recordable Incident Reviews
  • Project Site Audits
  • Subcontractor prequalification
  • Hazard Communication
  • Employee Safety Handbook
  • Competent Person Training
  • Fall Protection and Prevention
  • Annual Safety Training Day Exposition
  • New Hire and Project Safety Orientation


  • ADSC 2007 Most-Improved Safety Program Award
  • ADSC 2012 Outstanding Safety Program Contracted & Member


Tri-State Drilling strives to complete our work in a productive, safe and professional manner. The safety of our employees is our greatest responsibility—along with safeguarding of company and customer property. Safety is an integral part of how we do business; therefore we have adopted a comprehensive plan to carry out that philosophy.

The policy of Tri-State is to provide a safe working environment—free of unrecognized hazards and as free as possible of hazards that we are able to re-engineer out of existence—and to provide adequate safety devices and all required training to all employees. We strive to create safety awareness among our employees so that each individual understands that he or she has the ultimate responsibility to work safely. Even in an otherwise safe working environment, unsafe work practices by an individual can lead to accidents. Our safety goals can be boiled down to: 1) eliminating unsafe practices and 2) recognizing and removing conditions that cause safety incidents. In furtherance of these goals, it shall be the policy of our company to:

  • Comply with all federal, state, and local regulations governing the workplace.
  • Take expedient action to correct or isolate unsafe conditions or work practices.
  • Promote safety awareness.
  • Hold each employee accountable for his or her individual responsibility for safety.
  • Encourage our employees, without fear of reprisal, to inform their supervisor immediately when unsafe conditions are present.
  • Take every reasonable precaution to ensure that employees can accomplish the safe completion of all assigned tasks.

We operate with the philosophy that professionalism, safety and productivity are intertwined and complementary. Compliance with Tri-State Health and Safety Program is necessary at all times. At Tri-State Drilling we embrace a culture of safety and rely on each other to make it safe and keep it safe.

“With all the stuff we send out on safety, one might think that safety means words. Well, I’m here to remind you that the goal of safety is not the words, but instilling habits—habits for getting the work done, while ensuring everyone returns home safe and sound. To distill our discussion of safety down to the essence, here are four basic principles upon which our whole safety effort is built:

-Neither safety procedures nor common sense may be set aside by any employee either to meet a project schedule or for personal convenience.

-Every Employee (and any subcontractor) has the right and the responsibility to identify and reduce (or eliminate) hazardous work environments and hazardous work practices.

-All managers (from the President to the foreman) shall lead by example, executing their responsibility to ensure each job is accomplished in a safe and healthful manner.

-At the moment of action, each individual makes the decision on what action to take to accomplish a task. However, at Tri-State, we inform each such decision by the best teamwork support from the crew level on up to the top management.

Safety is always a work-in-progress. So, pledge with me to continuously improve professionalism in all aspects of our work---Safety First.”

-Jim Melcher, President