About Our Company

America's premier provider of drilled foundations for electrical transmission lines.


“Tri-State has performed above and beyond our expectations, working without any safety incidents, keeping each work site clean, and completing their work well ahead of our schedule. When the foundation contractor can achieve this, we maintain our good standing with PECO as their Contractor of Choice…”

Joe Dolansky
Project Manager, Henkels & McCoy

“I was most impressed at how tirelessly and humbly these guys worked every day from sun up to sunset to complete the foundations, no matter what obstacles were thrown at them.”

Brent R. Drenchhahnr
Project Manager, Dairyland Power

“I was on site yesterday and saw a foundation get poured. Your crew does great work! Keep it up!”

Chris Spencer
Project Manager, Burns & McDonnell

“II want you to know that on each project you have done for us since Oceanview to Larrabee, we have heard nothing but compliments. Your crews are efficient, courteous, and do quality work. Tri-State was a great find for our team!”

Dan Sublett
Senior Project Manager, JW Didado Electric

“It is easy to understand why you have built a very successful business. You conduct your day-to-day operations using high ethical standards, and stay true to your words. I know you will continue to be successful in the years to come!”

Dale Whaley
L.E. Myers

“We want to team with Tri-State on the upcoming jobs for PPL”

Ray Slouthour
Eastern Regional Director, Michels Power

How We Got Started

While dewatering for utility contractors, whose jobs spread over long lines, Tri-State developed a very mobile operation. There were two pieces of equipment that helped to change the Tri-State business focus --  the Watson truck-mounted drill rig and the Barco boom truck. This equipment made it possible for crews to move to a new location and set up, ready to drill, faster than ever before. This new capability launched Tri-State's move into the power line construction industry.


Some various methods and tools that Tri-State uses for rock drilling air hammers for hard rock, built core barrels and rock augers.


Some of Tri-State’s specialties with wet hole drilling would be high water table foundations, artesians and swamps.


Some tough accesses that Tri-State has handled are wet lands, swamps, hilly/ rough terrain, and limited space in cities.


Low overhead that Tri-State deals with on a consistent basis is working under powerlines and existing lines.


Piling Rig for Drilling Renewable Drill Shafts and Electrical Transmission Lines

Tri-State Drilling, LLC. is America's premier provider of drilled foundations for electrical transmission lines. Since 1955, our customers have known that when they choose Tri-State, they are choosing a company they can count on. Our experienced crews do top-quality work, and will complete your job on time, leaving the site in tip-top shape. With today’s ever tighter schedules, it’s tough to compete with Tri-State Drilling’s proven track record of quality, reliability and innovation. We continue to retain the know-how that, year after year, has made us the best-in-class provider, nationwide. Let our experience, skill and large fleet assist your company as, together, we help America keep the lights on.